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Meet Our Team
Dr. Jay Lang

Hello, I’m Dr. Jay Lang. Though I can hardly believe it, I’ve been a dentist for nearly 20 years. I have had the honor of serving as an endodontist at Orchard Endodontics for 10 years. My perfect career combination is owning a dental practice and caring for the health of others. Root canals may sound scary, but my patients often fall asleep during their treatment. That’s when I know I am doing my job well (and it happens more than you might think).  I met my amazing wife Michelle at Michigan State University. We have three wonderful children: our daughters Emerson and Avery, and our son Jackson. We have a very energetic Weimaraner, Murphy. I am a huge MSU sports fan, and in the fall, you will find us tailgating at Spartan Stadium. I love boating, skiing, and coaching my kids in soccer. 

I am so fortunate to work with the amazing people at Orchard Endodontics—we are more like family than co-workers. But like all families, we do have our moments: Dr. Daws is no longer allowed to cook at the office after the “Crabcake Incident”.


Dr. Timothy Daws

I’m Dr. Timothy Daws, but everyone calls me TJ. I became an endodontist because I enjoy working hands-on with my patients, especially when I get to alleviate their pain and suffering. I recently married my wife, Nina. We live in Rochester with our dog, Bijou. I come from a very dentally inclined family—my wife and my father are dentists, and my brother is an oral surgery resident. I have been an active soccer player until very recently (I’m currently on the bench rehabbing an injured big toe). I am excited to recover and get back on the pitch in the near future. When I’m not playing soccer, I enjoy mountain biking and skiing with my wife. Although we don’t see eye to eye when it comes to college football or our favorite color, I am grateful to practice with Dr. Lang at Orchard Endodontics, as we are truly in lock-step when it comes to patient care and office culture.


Dr. Lindsey LaLonde

Hi, I’m Dr. Lindsey LaLonde. A unique name for sure, and a little too old to be named after Lindsey Hunter of Pistons fame. I grew up in Saginaw and attended The University of Michigan for both college and dental school. I served in the US Army Dental Corps for six years before completing a residency in endodontics at The University of Detroit Mercy. I love modern endodontics because it is an amazing specialty that brings healing of both pain and disease. I met my wife, Kate, in Ann Arbor. Her love and dedication are directly responsible for a successful military career, a successful residency, and for raising our three boys, Brady, David, Conor (Ages 0—3.5), and Max the dog. We love the outdoors, athletics including running and swimming, and hiking the mountains of Colorado. We are excited for this opportunity to deliver high-quality, compassionate care with Dr. Lang, Dr. Daws, and their wonderful team at Orchard Endodontics.



I have been the insurance specialist at Orchard Endodontics for over a year and have more than 20 years of experience in endodontics. I enjoy doing crafts, gardening, and being outdoors. I’ve been married for 30 years to my husband Jim. I have one son and one stepdaughter. If I wasn’t at Orchard Endodontics, I would be camping!





I am a dental assistant at Orchard Endodontics. The best part about working with our doctors is being able to help others. I especially cherish the experience of helping our anxious patients, and it’s incredibly gratifying to be part of their excellent experience and outstanding result. My wonderful husband Travis and I have two amazing boys, Cooper and Caden. I am a fur mom to an independent, stubborn kitten, too—his name is Kevin. I love to doodle and draw in my spare time.





I’ve been a dental assistant at Orchard Endodontics for four years and began my career 16 years ago. I love my time working with our doctors and our amazing patients. When I’m not working, you will find me spending time with my two boys and three dogs. You’ll find us riding four wheelers, target shooting, playing softball, and listening to music.





I recently celebrated my fourth anniversary as a dental assistant at Orchard Endodontics. Helping ease my patients’ fear is the best part of my job. I love multitasking, too. Meeting new people every day is a fantastic part of my job, especially when I get to help bring smiles and comfort to patients. One patient even kissed me on the cheek when I brought him his very special hat! When I’m not working, I enjoy being the preschool teacher at church and building relationships with the students there. I have been with my wonderful husband over 12 years—we have a ten-year-old son, a cat, and a dog! When I’m not working, you’ll find me reading, crafting, drawing, swimming, jogging, or gardening. Our doctors are the best—Dr. Daws even rummaged through the garbage to get a Tupperware container of mine he accidentally threw away.





I've worked at Orchard Endodontics for over eight years as a dental assistant, team leader and treatment coordinator. Now, I serve in the role of office manager. When I was younger, I had bad dental experiences, which made me avoid the dentist. When I finally went back, the kindness and understanding I received made me want to help others. That experience led me to my work today. I especially enjoy working with Dr. Lang, Dr. Daws and Dr. LaLonde—they are all so funny and have wonderful personalities. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for 15 years. We have two boys, ages 17 and 12. We also have a chihuahua and a retriever mix. When I’m not working, I love spending time with my family, gardening, raising monarch butterflies, and watching my boys play football and baseball.





Growing up all I ever wanted to do was help others. Being in the dental field let's me accomplish that. I get to help relieve my patient’s pain and put a smile back on their face!  I am very close with my family, especially with my one and only sister. She is my best friend, my dance partner and my college roommate. The two of us do everything together. I am a very active person and I especially love dance. I basically lived at my dance studio growing up. I was even lucky enough to dance professionally for four years and I'm always the first one on the dance floor at any party!



I love working with the team at Orchard Endodontics. Helping my anxious patients relax is the best thing about my job. I especially love to discuss shared interests and share pictures of pets. My pet is my amazing 2-year-old Yorkie named Pebbles who thinks she is the boss. Her pictures always put patients at ease! When I’m not at Orchard Endo, I’m learning to cook new recipes or scouting out and trying restaurants with friends.




I feel very lucky to be the first face patients see at the front desk, and I really get to know them by helping them with their registration forms. Before I started at Orchard Endodontics, I nannied for a dentist and worked in her practice. When I’m not at the front desk, I’m playing with my fun and spunky 5-year-old daughter. She loves to dance and I enjoy watching her showing off her moves. I also love anything outdoors; sometimes I even sneak in walks on my lunch hour. I have been with Orchard Endodontics for less than a year, but already the staff feels like family. I am very fortunate that I look forward to coming in to work!



I am one of the newest dental assistants at Orchard Endodontics. My favorite part of being a dental assistant is being able to connect with my patients and make them feel welcomed. From a young age, I have had a passion to help others - I’m so excited that I get to put my passion to work! It’s amazing being part of the Orchard Endo team and I am looking forward to the amazing experiences we will have here in the future.



I am new to Orchard Endodontics but I already feel like part of the team. I love to talk and also to listen, and this helps me ease my patients’ nerves. When you show people what is going to happen, they aren’t so afraid of the unknown anymore. Dr. Lang really fooled me when I started. I accidentally squirted him on the arm and he pretended that it was really painful. I believed him but it was all a gag! When I’m not working, you’ll find me on the paddle board or spending time with my husband Bryan and our son Keegan. 



I am so happy to be a member of the front desk team at Orchard Endodontics. My favorite part of my day is meeting people from different walks of life - everyone needs root canals! When I’m not at Orchard Endodontics, I enjoy playing guitar and piano, listening to live music, and traveling. We have a lot of fun here, and are always joking. We have a patient who is 92 years old and Dr. Lang jokes that even though he has lived through several wars, the driving skills of the Orchard Endo staff is the scariest thing he’ll ever see!



My name is Kailyn, but everyone in the office calls me K. My primary role at Orchard Endodontics is sterilizing all of our instruments. I love working with the team at Orchard Endo – the amazing team here makes it so easy to come to work every day! When I’m not at work, you’ll find me with my parents and my younger brother, or at the gym. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends, traveling, and spending time with my cat, Mister.

51745 Van Dyke Ave.
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Jay Lang, D.D.S., M.S. | Timothy Daws, D.D.S. | Lindsey LaLonde, D.D.S., M.S.
51745 Van Dyke Ave.
Shelby Township, MI 48316