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We will be closed until Tuesday September 8th for the Holiday Weekend!

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Patient Testimonials

What a surprise! Absolutely painless! I have experienced many dental procedures (fillings, braces, peridontal surgery, implant surgery) and this was by far the easiest procedure I have ever had done. Thank you Dr. Lang and Jenn and keep rocking to that country music :-)

Nancy Jordan

I highly recommend Dr Lang and his staff. I was a little nervous going in for my first root canal, but everyone was helpful, informative and above all, gentle. I experienced absolutely no pain during or after the procedure. ***** (5 stars!)

Maggie K.

Very happy with Dr. Lang and his staff. He has done a wonderful job; I have not had any pain. Thank you

Rosemary Johnson

Thank you for a truly professional experience.

Pamela L.

I was utterly astonished when my husband told me the experience of "root canal" was totally painless. Until I experienced it for myself. A more caring and patient staff could not be expected and dr Lang was so easy and expert at his craft, I did doze off a couple of times. I would recommend him to everyone who needs his services.

Joan and darrell duszka