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5 out of 5 stars for Dr.J! The office is obviously professionally decorated, great/convenient location, staff is friendly and act as if they actually like coming to work and most importantly the dental skill set I feel is second to none. JL identified the problem tooth and established an action plan within a few minutes of me being in the chair. Performed the root canal as if there was nothing to it even though the tooth was the last one in the back of my mouth. It's nice to be able to drink cold beverages again - Thanks!

Glen Polley

From the friendly and courteous front desk, to the professional staff, to Dr. Lang himself, Orchard Endodontics is a first class operation. Dr. Lang is very friendly and explains everything in a clear manner. No surprises from this guy! His assistants are very professional, and are genuinely concerned for your comfort. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Lang to anyone needing work. Thank you everyone for a great, pain free experience.

Brad Dryer

Very professional and caring doctor. Root canal was practically painless. Great staff and a pleasure to have this procedure done in a state of the art and pristine environment! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !


I am very happy I got my root canal done by Dr. Lang. He explained everything precisely and that's the way it went. Naturally a little intimidated by getting one, it was actually not painful, but took my pain away. Lots of prayers were going up as well!


Dr. Lang and his staff were very gentle, kind,caring and understanding of my need for a root canal. I was very impressed with the painless root canal procedure i had done. Very Professional :) I would recommend them highly. The front desk staff was so quick to help me be seen very fast as they could see i was in a lot of pain. I would refer this office to anyone!