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First time I had an endodontic treatment and I am glad I had it here. Dr and staff worked to make it pain free. The procedure took longer than expected,but worth the time so I would be without pain. The next day the office made a follow-up call to answer any questions I might have. Sure, it is not a procedure one wants to have, but I am glad I had it here.


Dr. Lang is a talented and experienced endodontic specialist who carefully analyzes the patient's dental issues, and then thoughtfully discusses his findings to make sure the patient understands the recommended treatment. The procedures are done quickly and excellent follow up care is provided as needed. All of this is accomplished in a modern, comfortable environment using state of the art equipment. Fees are very reasonable. I will use his services again if needed. You will be extremely pleased with your choice of using Dr. Lang!


As a first-time root canal patient, Dr. Lang and his team provided me with a level of comfort and confidence that eased my anxiety before, during, and after the procedure. I’m extremely satisfied with the care and results and would highly recommend Dr. Lang to others.


Talk about "painless dentistry"! Everything about my root canal surgery experience was exceptional. Great, professional, very helpful staff. Thank you, Dr. Lang.

Gary Shortt

I received a referral for Dr. Lang after I told my dentist that I wanted "The Guy". My son had been through a very traumatic car accident and after admissions to two different hospitals, a brain injury, a broken ankle, collapsed lung, many cuts and bruises and a good case of retrograde amnesia to go along with it all, he still, upon discharge, had to deal with 5 broken teeth and cosmetic dentistry, to restore his smile. Unfortunately, one of the teeth needed a root canal. To say that my son was an anxious dental patient is the understatement of the year. He was literally shaking in the chair. Dr. Lang was so calming and soothing in his approach to my son, explaining everything along the way. His knowledge and expertise are top notch, the staff friendly and professional, and the office clean, welcoming, and state of the art. But most importantly, my son "didn't feel a thing!". It was as positive of an experience as a root canal could be. Thank you Dr. Lang and staff!

Donna - Rochester